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The Garden Guru designs and plants continously blooming flowerbeds that rebloom year after year. These are easycare, colorful, vivid gardens for Montreal, Canada, [USDA Zone 4 or CDN Zone 5]. A consultation and coaching service for do-it-yourselfers is also available. Occasional emailed questions are welcome and answered free of charge. Oui, je parle francais.


Montreal based Allan Becker has been designing and planting perennial flower gardens since he was a teenager back in the 1960’s. A retired executive from the soft goods industry, he has worked in textile design, styling, market research, product development, and marketing for both home furnishings and apparel.

Now he has turned his passion for gardening into a second career as a flowerbed designer, consultant, and garden coach, for clients in Montreal, Canada who dream about colorful English-style gardens full of perennials, roses, flowering vines and flowering shrubs.

After earning a B.A. from McGill University, Allan continued his studies with courses in Design, in the Fine Arts Department, at Sir George Williams College [now Concordia University]. He and his wife, Hessa, an adult educator, live in the Montreal suburb of Cote St Luc, and travel regularly to Toronto and Boston to visit their children and grandchildren.