Late Blooming Day Lilies That I Like
October 1, 2009
Allan in Autumn Minaret, Blossom Queen, Day Liliy, Dublin Elaine, Final Touch, Frans Hall, Magnificent Rainbow, Perennial Plants, Watchyl Pink Autumn, Yuma, hemerocallis

After a great deal of research, I am pleased to post images of late blooming Day Lilies that I believe work well in an English style flower border. Because I live in Canada, I can't purchase these perennials from American growers so I am posting the names of suppliers on my side of the border from whom I have ordered in the past. Click on  the names below to access their site. Scroll down to see the posted images.

Hemerocallis Montfort 

Nottawassaga Day Lilies

Gardens Plus

Te Sligte Gardens

Frans Hall, 24 inches high


Sandra Elizabeth, 25 inches high


Watchyl Pink Autumn, 25 inches high


Autumn Minaret, 66 inches high


Blossom Queen, 23 inches high


Dublin Elaine, 32 inches high


Final Touch, 32 inches high


Magnificent Rainbow, 17 inches high


Yuma, 25 inches high

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