Hosta Plants and History
October 23, 2009
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Hosta RevolutionSo many new varieties of perennials found their way into my gardens this season that my brain is on "information overload". Fortunately, I saved all of their picture tags for review during the winter. Among this great number of plants are 20 different Hosta that have all blended into a blur in my mind. What I can remember are the color groups of foliage: green, blue, white and yellow and the kinds of variegation: cream/green, yellow/green, green/white and yellow/blue.

Hosta Patriot Without the help of the picture tags, I am unable to differentiate between the various cultivar. That's a pity because all of the Hosta were carefully selected for particular combinations of color and variegation. It was important to control the interaction of each one’s foliage with perennials planted nearby. Particularly troublesome are 5 Hosta with similar coloration. They are confusing for history buffs who garden because the names of these Hosta are linked to the narrative of the American War of Independence of 1776.

Hosta Liberty The difficulty emerged when I tried to keep track of the 5 Hosta because they appeared more elegant than others. Normally, Hosta cultivar have clear and distinct names so that recalling the appearance of any one is easy. Not this group!. 

Hosta Minuteman

Revolution, Loyalist, Minuteman, Patriot, and Liberty are concepts associated with the story of the American Revolution. Here is perfect proof for the old adage that ignorance is bliss: had I not studied American history, identifying these Hosta would not be confusing at all.

Hosta Loyalist


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