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Meet a Talented Deziner

This photo is taken from Michelle's "Raised Flower Beds" collection.

When planning a color scheme for a garden, one should always consider the hard elements that make up part of the landscape. Collectively know as hardscape, these include paving stones, boulders, fences, fountains, gravel paths, retaining walls, walkways, pergolas, archways, arbors, garden sculptures, swimming pools and large decorative urns. All bring color and surface texture to a garden, usually in neutral tones. Do not overlook them because, when used creatively, they enhance colors found in nature.

Here is a photo, by the talented "garden sculptor" Michelle aka "Deviant Deziner” and posted to her blog site Garden Porn. The light, bright shade of grey used for the stones of the retaining wall enhances the strong pink flowers as well as the lime Hosta, making both of them appear more vibrant. The right shade of red flowers would have looked almost as striking against this cleverly chosen stone color.

By the way, the title of Michelle’s blog camouflages an extraordinary talent. When you visit her site you will be amazed at the scope of her work, "sculpting" gardens, that she captures so beautifully in striking photographs. I hope that, in the future, she will allow me to use more of these wondrous pictures to illustrate some of the themes that I enjoy writing about.


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