Changes to the Blog Roll
December 23, 2009
Allan in English language, Garden Magic Online, Montreal, bilingual city

The section of the column to the right, titled “Web Sites I Visit”, has been amended to reflect changing times. Some blogs were dropped because the authors no longer post. A few have been added because I am continuously discovering new garden websites that I find inspiring.

One of the new sites "Garden Magic Online" is particularly noteworthy because the author, David Soper, and I have similar views about gardening. He reinforces many of the ideas that I share with my reader but in a more familiar style. The reader can hear him speak as he writes, and that is a very good thing. Writing effectively in a casual style is a gift.

l live in Montreal, a bilingual city where people switch back and forth when speaking both the French and English languages. In addition, I worked in a cosmopolitan part of town, for most of my career, where foreign tongues influenced the way immigrants spoke English. While they did speak the language, their syntax reflected their countries of origin. Those experiences were mainly responsible for eroding the grammar and vocabulary that I learned in school and honed at University. Now, I find that writing in a formal style helps to ensure that I make as few grammatical errors as possible. Otherwise, growing up and working in a large cosmopolitan city has been an amazing cultural experience.

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