Mrs. Nosy, A Composting Story
December 8, 2009
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My neighbor, Lily, knocked on my door the other day to present me with a copy of her latest book titled “Mrs. Nosy, A Composting Story”. In the past, I have declined to blog about the works of children’s-book writers because I did not feel qualified to review them. This time was different. I am one of Lily’s biggest fans. Many of her watercolors hang in my home and as I move from room to room, I appreciate the work she has done rendering scenes from nature into exquisite watercolor compositions. Lily sees flowers, foliage and birds with eyes we can only wish we possessed. Even as a gardener, I have to look very hard to find the colors in nature that she notices at a glance. How could I not mention her book in my blog?

“Mrs. Nosy, A Composting Story” is a short, delightful story that teaches children how compost is created with the assistance of nature’s little helpers- worms. It has been researched, written, and illustrated in watercolors and collage by Lily Azerad Goldman. Click here to order this book through Amazon.

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