A First-Frost Flower: Penstemon 'Red Rocks'.
February 11, 2009
Allan in Perennial Plants, flowers, gardening advice, penstemon, perennial

This photo may be purchased from" home-and-garden-webshots.com".Perennials that last until the first frost are a gift for the gardener. Penstemon mexicali x "Red Rocks" is such a plant. This drought tolerant perennial, with dark evergreen leaves, grows only 15 inches tall. For what it lacks in height, it compensates in color saturation. It has been described as rose-red, magenta, and vivid-deep pink. Some have reported seeing coral-pink in the setting sun. No matter how we describe it, one cannot escape its intensity.This plant begins blooming in early summer, re- blooms in October and lasts until the first frost. For maximum enjoyment, grow it in full sun, in the front row of the flower bed. Hardy from Zones 5 to 9.

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