Annuals for Perennials
February 17, 2009
Allan in Interesting Annuals, accent rose, annuals, flowers, garden design, impatiens, perennials

Impatiens Accent Rose is an annual that I use to complete a newly planted perennial garden. My clients expect instant color the moment my work is done and Impatiens is perfect to meet that need. What I like about the color Accent Rose is that it blends well with most of the color schemes that I use. It is luminous in a shade garden, does not fade in the sun and projects its color brilliantly. If planted in full sun, though, it will require daily watering to maintain its vigor during the brutal heat of midsummer. Griffin Greenhouse and Nursery Supplies has the most extensive and beautiful photo selection of impatiens on the web. Click here to see their slide show. Visit their website at

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