Illuminating the Shade Garden
February 18, 2009
Allan in Perennial Plants, garden design, hosta, perennials, trifecta

There must be over two thousand varieties of Hosta for us to choose from. I find it difficult to select newer varieties for my garden because I am overwhelmed by the choices; each seems to be a variation on another. However, a recent update that I received from Garden Gate eNotes, changed all that. Garden Gate draws our attention to a new mini Hosta called "Trifecta".The moment I saw it, I knew that, someday soon, I would be making room for it in my garden.

This miniature Hosta is clearly different. I am impressed with the distribution of its three colors. Each leaf has a clearly defined color zone.There is pure white in the center, dark green on the margins and a brush stroke of olive-chartreuse separating the two.

The plant grows only 6 inches in height and 12 inches in width, with soft lavender flowers in midsummer. Like most hostas, it is hardy from zones 3 to 9 and requires no attention. It is an easy-care perennial - just plant it and forget it. It’s a pity its so small, though. I hope the growers who developed it will now work on tweaking its DNA in order to produce a larger variety.

As you can see from the photo, this Hosta does make a difference. Because of Its unique coloration, it will illuminate a shady spot in a garden.And of course, the visual interest it creates is always welcome to the perennial gardener. At the moment, Hosta "Trifecta" is only available from Klehm’s Song Sparrow Farm and Nursery. Click here to access their site.

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