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Gentle Hermione is a David Austin Rose

Holly in the UK captured this beautiful image and posted it to "grows on". Click on the rose to visit that site.David Austin of the UK is credited with having created a new breed of English rose. The inspiration came from his love of the old fashioned, soft looking roses which bloomed only once each season and then only in limited colors. By crossbreeding these heritage roses with floribundas and hybrid teas, he was able to create a soft heritage-looking rose that bloomed repeatedly all season long and in many colors. Today, his company grows over 800 varieties of continuously blooming roses.

While every David Austin English Rose is beautiful, I want to focus on a most exemplary one called “Gentle Hermione”. This is a pure pink rose that fades to soft pink. Each flower starts off as a rounded bud, gradually opening up to a shallow cup, with all of its 100 petals perfectly arranged in a ring. The petals are remarkably resistant to rain and its strong fragrance is reminiscent of an Old Rose with a hint of myrrh.

This plant forms a rounded shrub 3 to 4 feet height with slightly arching stems. It blooms on new wood, so it is recommended that it be pruned in early spring to promote new growth. “Gentle Hermione” is hardy from zone 5 to 10 but will survive the winter in zone 4 with protection. The David Austin Company is confident that  this rose will also survive in zone 3 with extra winter protection.

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Reader Comments (1)

I purchased 6 english roses from David Asten last year,2012. Amazingly sturdy bare root stock arrived. Every variety I chose claimed it was reblooming and fragrant.I am anxious to see how they survived. This spring I received a lovely well done catalogue to get my rose loving juces flowing, gorgeous gardens.

February 3, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterSheila

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