Add a Drip and Save the Planet
March 14, 2009
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 After we switch over to cleaner and domestically produced energy sources, we will immediately have to turn our attention to the conservation of water. It doesn’t matter why, but some parts of North America are becoming increasingly vulnerable to droughts capable of destroy crops, livestock, segments of the economy and our quality of life. A natural disaster is waiting for a precipitate in order to happen. If that should occur, investments in our landscaping will also be at risk. One day it may become necessary to resort to continent-altering diversions of water and to modify its consumption. Gardeners and commercial farmers need to start practicing efficient water conservation habits now. Using drip hoses instead of overhead sprinklers would be a good start. Click here to read Fran Sorin's very important article on this subject titled "Drip Irrigation: Common Sense Watering". Not only is this a must read, but some of her readers' comments on this subject are illuminating.

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