Spectacular Perennial: Sedum Spectabile
March 31, 2009
Allan in Perennial Plants, drought tolerant plants, flowers, perennials, sedum

Image courtesy of wikimedia.orgIt doesn’t get easier than this!

Sedum spectabile or Tall Sedum is a low maintenance sun-loving plant that is tough. It can handle heat, drought, clay, salt and lots of neglect. This is a  compact, hardy plant that will grow into a neat bouquet 18 to 24 inches in height [depending on the cultivar] on sturdy stems that do not flop. Its succulent leaves, in shades of lime, apple or gray green, offer sculptural shapes, unusual color and smooth texture. And all that occurs long before the plant explodes into bloom. The non-fading pink or red color of the broccoli-shaped florets last up to 10 weeks. By autumn, they turn darker and browner at a time when most garden flowers are going dormant. Spent flower heads may be left uncut until spring as they offer dramatic interest all winter long. Want to propagate? It’s a snap, literally! In early summer, break off a stem from the plant and stick it into earth. Alternatively, it may be easily propagated by digging up and slicing the root ball into several sections. This may be done any time during the growing season without harm. Recently, florist shops have not only been including Sedum in creative floral arrangements but have also begun to feature them as spectacular autumn centerpieces. Wow!

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