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April 23, 2009
Allan in Allium "Globemaster", Echinacea Big Sky "Sundown", Garden Inspiration Photos, Phlox paniculata "Blue paradise"

White Flower Farms has come up with a great idea. In a section of their catalog called "Garden Inspiration" they offer already-designed collections of perennials. A photograph of a collection in bloom demonstrates how well that composition works and the plants are packaged together and sold as one unit. Nothing is left to chance and nothing could be easier. Nice work, guys!  Shown here is the collection called "Lazy Summer Partners”. The blue perennial in the background is Phlox paniculata “Blue Paradise”. The coral flowers in the foreground are Echinacea Big Sky “Sundown” and the pin-cushion spheres are the seed heads of Allium “Globemaster” which bloomed purplish blue in early summer and have since turned straw yellow. Click on the image to see more combinations.

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