More About Perennial Geraniums
April 29, 2009
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This is Geranium Sweet Heidy, one of several new cultivars introduced this season. Image courtesy of icangarden.comA short time ago I wrote about Geranium Rozanne and before that about Geranium Psilostemon. These were just two of many Geranium cultivars. The varieties available to the gardener range from the ground-hugging Cinerum at 4 to 6 inches in height to Psilostemon that reaches 3 to 4 feet. There is even a drought-tolerant cultivar called “macrorrhizum” that is considered excellent for dry shade and it is also available with variegated leaves. When not in bloom, this cultivar, like so many other Geraniums, does double duty as a weed-suppressing ground cover. It is indeed a work horse in the garden.

Most cultivars prefer half sun and moist, organic soil, and will even tolerate clay. There are over 20 varieties of this perennial and it is worthwhile studying the characteristics of each to determine which will be suitable for one’s garden and one's hardiness zone.

Recently, a few new cultivars were introduced to the market. Their claim to fame is that they bloom from early summer into autumn. That is a very important characteristic for a perennial. These cultivars are:- Sweet Heidy, Pink Penny and Orkney Cherry. I am planning to use all of them in the new gardens that I will be creating this season. Because they only grow 12 inches tall, they will have to be planted at the front of the flower beds.


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