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April 3, 2009
Allan in Doe Run Garden, Fran Sorin, Garden Inspiration Photos

An island flower bed composed of textures and colors. Click on the image to see more at Fran Sorin's website. 

There is a theme running through my gardening blogs. It's all about perennial gardens and the beauty and pleasure they offer. Frequently, I find myself quoting from other professional gardeners and their websites. It’s not because I’ve run out of something to say. Nor do I use other bloggers images because I can’t find better ones to share with you. I refer to other professionals because they make an important contribution to the world of gardening. I use their material when it echoes my own philosophy or when I learn something new that is worth sharing.

A series of photographs of a beautiful garden in the Philadelphia area were posted to Fran Sorin’s website. I’m glad to have seen them because this garden is in danger of disappearing. The heirs to the estate of Doe Run Gardens have put this property up for sale. No one can predict its future. One might suppose that in better times, there would have been a campaign to purchase this property for the people of Pennsylvania. Under current economic conditions that can’t be a realistic expectation.

Please take the time to appreciate a world class garden right here in North America by clicking on the image above. If you fall in love with the garden, you can read the real estate listing for the property by clicking here.

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