Budgt Gardening: ,Protecting an Investment When Times Are Tough. Part 1-Trees
April 30, 2009
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 Thanks to flicker.com for this imageA well landscaped terrain adds to the perceived value of a property and may improve a home’s resale value by 5 to 15 percent. If your home is unlandscaped or perfunctorily trimmed with a few specimen shrubs, consider a modest landscaping project to elevate its curb appeal and, hopefully, to increase its perceived value. This can be done with any size budget. It just takes a bit longer when money is tight.

Planting one or several trees on a property is the equivalent of buying a picture frame for an oil painting. It showcases what it frames. A tree is the only other large object on the property and its size helps to anchor the house to the land as well as to add balance to the overall appearance of the property.

Research the eventual spread of a tree before making a purchase. At maturity, it should never block any part of the house. Its branches must avoid touching buildings and overhead wires; its roots must not endanger the foundation, septic tank, and sewer pipes. The shadow it casts should not interfere with the master plan for landscaping.

If your home is in a neighborhood that has many mature trees, evaluate those that have already grown on neighbors’ properties. Do they add sufficient character to the neighborhood and to your property simply by being close by? If they do, don’t waste precious money planting trees. Allow the surrounding mature trees to grace your property. Tomorrow’s blog will discuss foundation plantings.


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