In Nature, Colors Never Clash
May 10, 2009
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This photo of a field of multicolored wildflowers is posted on the website How Stuff Works. This entry is titled Woody Flower Garden Ideas. Click on the image to visit that site.It’s been almost twenty years since I first created a pink and yellow garden for my wife. During that time, we discovered that pale colors didn’t project very well. Some of the flower combinations looked good only up close. To enjoy our flower beds from afar, it became necessary to introduce colors that we had never considered before. By planting blues, I made the yellow flowers pop. Purple enriched the pink flowers, as did the addition of magenta.

My work with clients who prefer intense colors has emboldened me to introduce scarlet, red, and coral into my own garden. Some might say that hot colors will clash in our pastel garden. I don’t agree. One only need look at a field of wildflowers to realize that, in nature, colors never clash.

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