Working With Professionals
May 10, 2009
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Whether one is landscaping parkland or an urban back yard, the starting point is always the same. Before contacting a landscape architect or garden designer, one should try to rough-sketch a layout that incorporates one’s vision and requirements. If a sketch is too daunting, write down what the function of the garden will be and how it should make you feel when it’s completed.

This advance reflection will contribute to making the meeting with the professionals less overwhelming. They are bound to ask about an over-arcing vision, about favorite colors and plants, and about the intended usage for the garden. Trying to imagine all of these matters before the meeting can stimulate ones own creativity and in the end helps to facilitate communication between professional and client.

The photo posted here is a view of Anderson Japanese Gardens in Rockford, IL, USA. It is considered one of the finest Japanese gardens in North America.This garden was created by Kurisu, a garden design firm in Portland Oregon, that is acutely aware of the restorative effect that breathtaking and serene environments have on the human spirit.

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