Scabiosa Pin Cushion, Reach Out and Touch this Perennial
May 30, 2009
Allan in Pin Cushion, Scabiosa, flowers, perennials

Scabiosa is a striking perennial that has a powerful effect on gardeners. The combination of the color and texture of its petals is almost hypnotic. This amazingly beautiful plant blooms, in blue or pink, on stems that are 12 to 15 inches in height, while its leaves hug the ground in a mound shape. Flowers measure 2 inches across and, if dead headed regularly, bloom from late spring until early fall in zones 4 to 8. The blue variety has been reported to bloom until December. This plant needs moisture and a well drained soil and is heat tolerant. Its colors are pure. The blue is intense and the pink shimmers. This flower makes us want to reach out to touch it. The test of a successful perennial is how quickly it gets sold out at the nursery. This one moves fast so buy it as soon as you see it. Most gardeners report that this plant is short lived. No matter! It’s so beautiful that gardeners are happy to replace it whenever necessary. I plant my Scabiosa at the front of the flower bed where it can be seen and admired.

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