Lavandula Angustifolia, a Versatile Perennial
June 1, 2009
Allan in Lavandula Angustifolia, Lavender, aromatic plants, drought tolerant plants, flowers, perennials

Lavender is a plant that is loved by butterflies, hated by ants and avoided by deer. This perennial doubles as an aromatic herb and adds subdued color and texture to any sun garden. Its foliage is silver blue and the flowers are lavender, of course. Because it is drought tolerant, it is a popular choice for xeriscapes.

As Lavender matures, its stems become woody and leggy. To keep it looking neat, treat this perennial as if it were a miniature shrub and prune it before new growth appears each spring. After that, just ignore it. This elegant-looking plant is harvested for the aromatic properties of both the flower and the foliage. Lavender grows well in zones 5 to 8 and requires a well-drained location.


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