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Hosta 'American Sweetheart', a Designer Perennial

I went shopping for Hosta, planning to arrange several in a row alternating with Buxus Green Gem. I had expected to buy Hosta Patriot but the nursery had sold out of that variety. Finding a replacement was going to be a challenge. There were over 50 varieties to choose from.

I wandered up and down the aisles passively waiting for one variety to jump out and grab my attention. And there it was. The moment I laid eyes on it, I knew I had discovered a special Hosta. “American Sweet Heart” is a very distinguished looking plant. It has a very elegant shaped leaf with a striking variegation that holds up all season long. It grows well from zones 3a to 8b in light shade to partial and full shade.

When I saw the label “Designer Hosta” I expected to pay more for it and I did. It was priced 20% higher than all of the others. Surprisingly, it looks 50% better than any of the other Hosta varieties growing nearby. It makes for a very majestic composition with the Buxus.

“American Sweetheart” is part of the prestigious Designer Hosta Collection put together by specialists who know everything there is to know about Hostas. To be considered a Designer plant, it must perform superbly in several growing zones, exhibit exemplary garden presence and performance, have a long season of appeal in the garden and demonstrate a greater resistance to garden pests. The good news is that this one lives up to all of the hype and more. The bad news is that there are no photos on line that do this plant justice.



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Reader Comments (1)

I'd love to see a photo of the specimen that stole your heart. Can you rustle up someone handy with a digital camera? Or send one to me, and I'll photograph it! ;-)

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