Liatris, a Vertical Perennial
June 9, 2009
Allan in Liatris, Perennial Plants, flowers, perennials, vertical plant

Liatris is a very pretty and care free perennial. Lavender pink flowers cover upward spraying stalks 2 feet high from summer until fall, while narrow ribbon foliage grows fountain-like beneath them in neat clumps. This plant tolerates heat, drought, and clay and grows in sun in zones 3 to 9. It demands very little from the gardener and blooms reliably each season without ever looking messy. Insert it anywhere in the flower bed where a dash of lilac-pink is needed. It is quite majestic if grown free standing as a specimen plant. It is also very effective when repeatedly planted several times in one composition. The only optional attention this plant needs is to have the spent stalks cut back after they have finished blooming. Some gardeners prefer to leave the stalks unharvested to create winter interest. This perennial is also available in white and even this color works equally well when planted repeatedly in a flower bed. Liatris adds elegance to every garden. It is surprising how effective such a modest looking plant can be.

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