Scintillating Sedum: a Succulent Perennial
July 13, 2009
Allan in Perennial Plants, Sedum "Frosty Morn', perennial, sedum, succulent, variegated perennials

Of all the perennials that I have planted in my clients’ gardens so far this season, the one that seems to attract the most attention is Sedum “Frosty Morn’. This is an unusual plant because its foliage is incredibly attractive to the eye. The center of each leaf is shaded silver-blue-green with wide margins of cream. The combination of these two colors creates a shimmer that tugs at the eye. It’s hard to glance away from it. Unlike most other Sedum that do triple duty as specimens of architectural foliage, bright autumn floral displays, and a drought  resistant nature, this variety is grown mostly for its foliage. Its  flowers are non-descript.

I deliberately do not use this perennial as a specimen. I insert it into foliage compositions of jade-green Sedum, silver-blue Artemisia or Dianthus and purple Sedum. Somehow it becomes the glue that binds these collections together and enhances all of the other plants simply by growing among them.


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