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More About Achillea

I’ve been had! Again! Last fall, I planted Achillea “Terra Cotta” and it is now in bloom in citron yellow without a hint of terra cotta anywhere. It is truly a magnificent looking plant as one can see from the photo, but that shade of yellow was not intended for that location. I must decide if I shall dig it out now or allow it to fill the empty space in my garden until that time when I can replace it. My plan is to visit the nurseries in order to purchase Achillea in bloom. That's the best way to ensure that I will get the colors that I want.

This is not the first time that a perennial has not bloomed true to picture tag. It happens often. We are at the mercy of the accuracy of the nursery staff at the wholesale level whose job description requires that they tag budding plants. I have sneak-peaked into the work sheds of several such nurseries to see trays upon trays of unidentifiable perennial seedlings waiting to be tagged and without a clear description to guide the staff. The possibility for error is great.

Note: After I posted this blog, a reader rightfully reminded me that some customers, when shopping for plants, will sometimes remove an identity tag from a container in order to read it more carefully. When they try to re-insert it, the tag sometimes gets placed into the wrong plant. Buyer beware!

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Reader Comments (1)

This looks like Achillea 'Coronation Gold' - mine isn't in bloom yet. The color is beautiful though :)

I agree with the tags being wrong - not only is it staff, but I have caught the customers taking tags out to read them and sticking them in whatever plant is closest to them.

July 9, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterMnS

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