Blue Perennials
September 15, 2009
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Imagine how dull this perennial flower bed might have appeared without the blue flowers. This image was posted on line by Rsc Hydroseeding & Landscape Construction Co. Click on the image to visit their site.Blue flowers and foliage make an invaluable contribution to the perennial garden.  Blue makes every other color in the garden look better. In my review of the book “The Passionate Gardener”, I quoted the authors when they praised the color blue:-

 “Blue is an amazing color, seemingly effective with every other hue. It’s elegant with white, pale pink and cream. It shimmers with silver and chartreuse leaves. It glows with fiery orange or scarlet and smolders with maroon and blood red.”

 Below is a list of reasonably tame blue plants that work well in a perennial garden. Two that I have omitted, Baptisia and Brunnera, do not make a substantial color contribution. Aconitum, which is beautiful in blue, is also omitted because nurseries warn that it is poisonous to the touch. Myosotis is excluded because its vigorous self seeding habit makes it an invasive weed.

 Agapanthus, Agastache, Allium caeruleum, Aubretia cascade blue, Camassia, Clematis Elsa Spath and others, Catanache caerulea, Caryopteris, Campanula Blue Clips, Campanula porscharskiana, Delphinium, Festuca Glauca, Gentiana makinoi, Hosta Blue Jay, Iris Germanica, Iris Siberica, Iris Pumilla, Lobelia speciosa, Lavandula, Nepata, Perovskia, Penstemon strictus, Phlox subulata blue, Platycodon, Polemonium, Primula denticulate blue, Scabiosa Butterfly Blue, Salvia, Tradescantia zwanenburg blue, Veronica.


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