Stella d'Oro, the Ubiquitous Workhorse in the Flower Garden
September 24, 2009
Allan in Perennial Plants, Stella d'Oro, day lilies, flowers, hemerocallis, perennials

A few months ago, I read an article by a respected gardener who dismissed Hemerocallis Stella d’Oro with disdain. That is an understandable attitude. This perennial is used almost everywhere and has become wearisome to look at. Stella d’Oro day lilies may be found in gardens located in supermarket parking lots, floral medians on city streets, and in private and public gardens.

With so many of these plants around, it is surprising how few people actually like them. Those of us who reference English gardens in our work tend to plant flowerbeds in colors of pink, blue and yellow. Gold does not blend well with that color scheme. Nor is it a preferred color choice for many people, including myself. But that doesn’t deter me from growing it in my garden or for planting it in clients' gardens.

Throughout the month of September, the number of blooming perennials continues to decline as plants go dormant. My garden ought to look boring by now but it doesn’t. The flower beds are filled with sunshine wherever Stella d’Oro day lilies are re blooming. At this time of year, I abandon my intolerance to gold and become grateful for having any color at all my garden. Re blooming day lilies, even gold ones, keep autumn at bay just a little bit longer.

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