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September 26, 2009
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The image posted in August showed a close up of this intensly pink Dianthus.On August 14, 2009 I wrote about a new plant discovery that I had made at one of my favorite nurseries, Jardins Michel Corbeil, in Ste Eustache Quebec. There I found Dianthus Carthusianorum. When I first planted it in July, I had read on-line about the concerns of some gardeners who were anxious about combining it with companion plants. The challenge was the tall slender stems that create empty spaces between the flower heads and the base of the plant.

Well here we are three months later and I am pleased to report that there is no need to be concerned about its placement. The fuchsia-pink of the flower heads is so intense that one should grow this plant just for its color. It looks great even without companion plants; it doesn't need a supporting cast to put on its show. Delicate and small as its flower head may be, it is an attention grabber. Plant it where it can be seen and admired.

This plant was in full bloom when I purchased it in July and it has been flowering non-stop since then. Three months of flowering is a perennial gardener’s dream. The best gift of all, though, would be to see it reappear vigorously next season. I often worry about perennials that are destined for zone 5. Some are unable to tolerate severe winters. Only time will tell.

Click here to view a close-up photo of this vivid perennial.

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