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Jan142010, a Community of Garden Bloggers

Some of the most popular and beautiful garden blogs from around the world are cataloged at I can follow only a handful because I prefer information - based blogs, even if they are narrative, to those that are photo-based. There are a great number of garden blog that focus on posting exquisite close-up shots of flowers and foliage. Those blogs that are distinguished by the creativity of both the posted photos and the graphic design of their sites are quickly noticed.

I expect that most blog readers will disagree with me, and some, understandably, will become incensed, when I report that, I find a plant important only if it has the potential to enhance a garden; its intrinsic beauty is secondary. I suppose that explains why I find myself clicking away from awe-inspiring photo-blogs, including those that have won awards. Clearly, I am not their target audience. Because nature has such a powerful effect on the psyche, I prefer to experience plants in the garden.

There are more gardening blogs available to read at than any one can possibly imagine. A new visitor to that site should begin by researching the ones that are most popular or that have recently won awards. Many blogs reveal the personal side of the gardener; some reflect their enormous talent. Ironically, a few bloggers, themselves, have turned out to be more fascinating than the gardens they create.

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Reader Comments (2)

Allan, This is such an interesting take on Blotanical. I, too, have noted the high interest in good photography there. It has certainly pushed me to improve my photography skills. But Blotanists also seem to be interested in good information and good writing. Despite my attempts to edit them down, my posts often end up being about twice as long as all the "how-to-blog" sites say they should be; but that doesn't seem to stop people at Blotanical from reading them and responding in a warm and encouraging way. I suppose that's one of the great benefits of the size of Blotanical; there's so much variety in both bloggers and readers, that almost everyone can find what they're looking for there. -Jean

January 14, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJean

Hi Allan, I totally agree with your comment about not being interested in the intrinsic value of plants. Well, actually I am, but in choosing for my garden I am interested in how a plant will fit in to make a whole picture. It's not enough to be gorgeous if it doesn't look right in its context.
Re blotanical, it's fascinating how the blogs vary, and how the character of the blogger comes out.
Cheers, catmint

January 15, 2010 | Unregistered Commentercatmint

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