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January 14, 2010
Allan in, Musings on Gardening, garden bloggers

Some of the most popular and beautiful garden blogs from around the world are cataloged at I can follow only a handful because I prefer information - based blogs, even if they are narrative, to those that are photo-based. There are a great number of garden blog that focus on posting exquisite close-up shots of flowers and foliage. Those blogs that are distinguished by the creativity of both the posted photos and the graphic design of their sites are quickly noticed.

I expect that most blog readers will disagree with me, and some, understandably, will become incensed, when I report that, I find a plant important only if it has the potential to enhance a garden; its intrinsic beauty is secondary. I suppose that explains why I find myself clicking away from awe-inspiring photo-blogs, including those that have won awards. Clearly, I am not their target audience. Because nature has such a powerful effect on the psyche, I prefer to experience plants in the garden.

There are more gardening blogs available to read at than any one can possibly imagine. A new visitor to that site should begin by researching the ones that are most popular or that have recently won awards. Many blogs reveal the personal side of the gardener; some reflect their enormous talent. Ironically, a few bloggers, themselves, have turned out to be more fascinating than the gardens they create.

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