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Literature is Hiding Among the Plants; About Bloggers Who Write Well

During the height of the season, I am unable to faithfully follow blogs. Supervising the planting of gardens in the mid day sun parboils the brain and exhausts the body. By nightfall, reading is a challenge. I need to wait until autumn before I can catch up on the blogs of fellow gardeners whose works I admire, but overlooked. So far, I have scrolled over 1000 garden-related websites and am in the midst of reading through nearly 2000 gardening blogs, listed alphabetically. Every garden blog merits attention, the first time round. The goal is to select the ones I wish to continue following and those that I want to add to my reading list. The chosen ones are conveniently sent to my Google reader. In this laborious journey, I have made a discovery: some bloggers are gifted writers. It has been a delightful surprise to discover literature hiding among the plants. Here is a list of those blogs I read both for the writing as well as for the content:

The Stopwatch Gardener is poetry masquerading as garden blog. The author strings words together like pearls on a strand.

Gatsbys Garden turns mundane gardening projects into beautifully executed narratives.

The author of Teza’s Garden creates edgy, stream-of-consciousness prose that reveals a passion for gardening, unmatched anywhere in cyberspace.

Garden Thought is a scholarly blog for the thinking gardener who enjoys thought-provoking essays on horticulture.

A natural storyteller writes beautifully at Jean's Garden. The author turns garden-related projects into interesting narratives, spun in a warm and friendly manner. I admire the thoughtful and measured style that the author brings to this blog.

WynEden: a Gardener's Diary is a well-articulated narrative with an unintended twist. Ostensibly, it is about tending a garden on ten acres of land. It is also the story of a husband tending to a wife undergoing chemo-therapy. The stark contrast between caring for garden and wife is haunting. A sensitive novel is hiding in this blog.

If every sentence in The Deep Middle had its own line, this blog would read like blank verse. Inside each sublimely written paragraph lies a Haiku poem waiting to be born. I frequently return to this site just to re read beautifully written passages.

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Reader Comments (1)

Allan, Thanks for the kind words. I'm very impressed that you're reading your way through over 2000 garden blogs! I attempted this when I first joined Blotanical, but I ran out of steam somewhere in the 'C's. (Does this mean you are more of an obsessive-compulsive than I am? :-)) I do want to thank you for calling to my attention several blogs that I am not familiar with. I'm looking forward to checking them out. -Jean

January 26, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJean

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