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January 4, 2010
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Here is an eye-catching photo of a garden of annual wildflowers grown from seed. The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds inspired the seed mixture for gardeners seeking to develop wildlife havens in their gardens. This selection, “RSPB Wildlife Attracting Seed Range”, is available from the British supplier, Sutton Seeds.

Victor Gardiner in Plymouth, Devon, England in the UK is the photographer of this stunning image. He used a Sony K750i cell phone and uploaded the image to the site of “The Voice of Plymouth”.

The tiny lavender flowers on the bottom of the picture are Lobelia, either erinus or tenuior. The red flowers are Papaver rhoeas or Red Wild Field Poppies. The yellow flowers are Chrysanthemum segetum or Corn Marigolds. The Blue flowers are Centaura cyanus or Blue Cornflowers. The small purple flowers in the upper left corner are Matthiolla longipetula or Night Scented Stocks.



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