Almost Maintenace Free: Convert a Front Lawn Into a Walk -Through Garden.
March 1, 2010
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The maintenance of a grass lawn has become too great a responsibility for some homeowners. Others no longer consider a lawn a desirable feature for their property. With fresh approaches to landscaping, developing over time, some gardeners have begun to convert their front lawns into walk- through gardens. It is a mistake to assume that these transformations will totally liberate the homeowner from responsibility. Unless one is planting a jungle or a wildflower-and-grass meadow, there is no such thing as a totally maintenance-free front yard.

Leaving a front garden unattended creates a natural messiness that will depreciate the resale value of a home, destroy its curb appeal, and become blight to the neighborhood. Here are some suggestions for creating front, walk-through gardens that require minimal attention.





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