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Autumn at Butchard Gardens: Was the Photo Tweaked?

When I stumbled upon these photos, I knew that I had to share them with my readers. The images are unusual because the shades of autumn found in the compositions are more than just the basic reds, oranges and yellows that one normally sees in fall gardens, at least in my area.

At first, I was quite certain that the photographer had used a lens filter or photo enhancing software to create a blue-pink-purple mood in the photos. My suspicion was aroused when I noticed the intense neon-like shade of blue of the waterfall. However, as I studied the images a bit longer, I noticed that while some of the trees are indeed turning shades of red, orange and yellow, there are blue and pink flowers still blooming in the background. In addition, the evergreens in the foreground are naturally blue green. Nevertheless, I cannot help but wonder if these color combinations are true to life. Surely the tones of peach and purple that I see here cannot be natural. As well, the shade of the green grass is too blue. Yet, as you can see, my scepticism did not stop me from posting these beautiful images. Sometimes, one must suspend belief in reality in order to enjoy the moment.

Butchard Gardens are located in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

The above images are unaccredited as the site that posted them online is unaware of their origin.

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Reader Comments (1)

Well, I haven't been to Butchart this year, but as a Victoria resident and gardener, nothing in the photo looks 'off' to me. The grass looks normal, although lush by local standards, and there are blue and pink flowers in my own garden still in bloom. Don't forget - our climate is pretty radically different out here.

Butchart is also known for seasonal annuals. During every season, the gardeners keep the annual beds full of blooms. Even at Christmas, which is a very popular time to visit.

September 30, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterGinna

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