A Garden Composition in Red, White, Green and Grey.
January 20, 2011
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The photo above is a view of the gardens at Knockmore in Ireland. It caught my eye, even though red and white is not my favorite color scheme. What captivated my brain was the perspective created by placing red flowers in the foreground to echo the same flowers in the background. There, white flowers are repeated, as well. The dual repetition, when combined with grey rocks and green foliage, creates a beautiful composition.

I appreciate the manner by which the photographer set up the shot so that the upward slant of the red flowers in the foreground, probably Centranthus ruber, contrasts with the downward slant of the rock garden behind. Notice, too, how the mass of the evergreen shrub in the background harnesses the energy created by the opposing movements of the slants while echoing the mound shapes of the low growing white flowers.

This photo is used by Dublin Gardens as publicity to promote visits to English style gardens, situated in the vicinity of Dublin, Ireland.

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