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Carefree Camouflaging Rose Climbers

The neighbor’s fence is still an eyesore. Last season, the perennials that I planted in front of the fence had sufficient saturation to hold their own; they were just too short to hide the fence. It is disappointing that most tall plants that could serve as camouflage do not bloom in the appropriate colors. Planting ornamental shrubs that would hide the eyesore in a blink are not an option. This is a test garden and I need every inch of space for growing perennials. It is not easy to hide hardscape that is forty feet long and seven feet high, and made of solid sheet fencing in an intense dark brown color. One solution I am considering is to plant climbing rose bushes, similar to the above picture, in shades of yellow-gold to orange, as long as they meet thefollowing criteria:  

  • easy-care
  • bloom all season
  • high resistant to disease
  • hardy to Zone 5b [CND], which is zone 4b [USA].

After the yellow roses are in place, I will feel more comfortable inserting cream or white Clematis into the color scheme. Without the yellow, the contrast between white Clematis and the brown fence is too strong. Maybe, if I am lucky, the yellow roses and white clematis will cover the brown so densely that I will be able to add purple or pink into the composition. Though, I am skeptical about that ever happening. I will be content just to neutralize the brown. So far, I have found four climbers that meet my criteria.

Autumn Sunset is very resistant to disease and is hardy to zone 5.  Each rose is a large double yellow orange with a powerful and fruity aroma. It flowers best in cooler weather and will reach a height of 12 feet. It is a repeat bloomer




Climbing Carefree Sunshine is a repeat bloomer, has good resistance to disease, and is hardy to Zone 5. Each flower is semi double with bright yellow petals and orange stamens. It emits a light perfume and grows 10 feet tall.


Sky’s The Limit is very resistant to disease and is hardy to zone 4b. The double flowers are medium sized, in shades of yellow to orange-yellow. It is a repeat bloomer, has a mild fruity aroma, and grows 12 feet tall.



Golden Showers is very disease resistant. The loosely double flowers, with fruity aroma, are classic yellow that fade to cream and measure 6 inches across. It is a continuous bloomer, hardy to Zone 4 and reaches 10 feet in height.



Any or all of the four roses listed above will do. What I end up planting will depend on the choices available locally. This is not the kind of project that requires ordering from specialty growers. For this undertaking, any yellow climbing rose that meets the criteria can serve as a backdrop. I will place the plants, that really matter, in front at center stage.