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Dicentra: Some Varieties Bloom All Summer

Dicentra eximia Alba blooms in white and will tolerate sun but not drought. Photo courtesy of Old

There is an overlooked group of perennials known as miniature Dicentra or Bleeding Hearts, that bloom from early spring through summer until fall. These flowers grow on soft mounds ranging in height from 10 to 16 inches and spread no more than 12 to 20 inches in width, depending on the variety. The soft fern-like foliage range in color from blue-grey to blue-green and act as a perfect foil for the gentle flowers that bloom in shades of white, rose, pink and deep red.

The flowers of Dicentra formosa Luxuriant are cherry pink. Photo courtesy of Sooner Plant

All of these plants thrive best in shade. Those that can tolerate part or full sun still need to be kept moist. If any of these perennials experience drought, the foliage will disappear. The plant will go dormant and will not bloom again until the following year.

This is Dicentra King of Hearts.It blooms in dark rose. Photo courtesy of White Flower

This is a family of delicate looking plants for the front of a shade border or at the edge of a footpath running through a shaded area. A miniature Dicentra needs to be seen up close to be appreciated. The unusual color and texture of the foliage adds lightness and contrast to a composition of shade perennials.

This is Dicentra Burning Hearts, the newest miniature Dicentra , not yet available everywhere. It flowers in deep red with a dramatic white trim. Photo courtesy of Garden