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A Blue Delphinium Will Make me High.

Blue is my favorite color in the garden and anywhere else. Most of my dress shirts, T shirts and polo style shirts are all in varying shades of light blue. It appears prominently in the paintings on our walls and as accents in our living and dining rooms. We also use it as a background for our dishes when we set the table. Today, it is hard to find light blue tablecloths or placemats to replace the older ones; my wife and I never stop searching for them.

Blue is the most powerful drug that I take. Although few scientists will agree that medication consumed visually will have any health benefits, I stick to my story. That color, especially in a flower, is a narcotic. It sooths, it hypnotizes, it is euphoric, and it makes me high.

This morning, fellow garden writer, Tom Fisher, of Timber Press, posted an article about delphiniums and illustrated the post with the photo above. I am not certain if the picture belongs to Timber Press or to Dowdeswell’s, the New Zealand grower of extraordinary delphiniums featured and linked to in the article. For that reason, I am unable to accredit it properly. Instead, please enjoy the image. Mr. Fisher and I agree that no flower delivers a blue fix as effectively as delphiniums do, even if they require a lot of work. Read the entire Timber Press blog here.