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Wind Chimes for the Garden

photo by karen martelWhen we moved into our home almost 20 years ago, my brother-in-law and his wife presented us with a gift of brass wind chimes that we hung indoors at our kitchen window. With our winters so severe and our summers oppressive, we open this window in the spring and summer months only. That is when the breezes stimulate the chimes and send me into a state of nirvana; the effect is that relaxing. Such moments of serenity are rare. Although we live in a residential neighborhood, we are surrounded by a large, fast-paced city. Serenity is not commonplace here. That is why, when Karen Martel of DragonWindChimes contacted me and asked if I would mention her product, Garden Chimes, in my blog, I responded with a quick yes. That is unusual for me.

photo by karen martel.At least once a week, I am contacted by an entrepreneur asking if I would accept delivery of a product in order to mention it in my blog. I usually refuse. Any item which I recommend to my readers is one that I have purchased on my own or have plans to acquire. To write about an article I do not use or disapprove of, is dis- honest. Furthermore, it is disrespectful to my readers. I inform them about a product, or post a link for its purchase, only when I believe it has merit.

Of course, I understand that the sound of chimes made expressly for the garden will not improve anyone's gardening skills. Flowers will not grow better or become happier. However, the sound of wind chimes will make me feel better and it is I who will become happier. In a way, this is a product for the garden in my mind.

photo by karen Martel.The chime maker’s website informs us that:-Wind chimes have been used since ancient times when the Chinese used them in their homes to regulate the Chi (energy) flowing around them.  Chimes are uplifting, protect and repel negative energies.  They are used in Feng Shui to help with the directional energies in a home, helping stagnant areas flow more evenly, repelling negative energies and can warn you of intruders! Some Westerners may not appreciate the concepts of Chi or Feng Shui but those that do will understand how the application of these concepts helps to improve our experiences in the physical spaces we inhabit.

photo by karen martel.The wind chimes are handcrafted using stained glass, crystal chips and glass beads. Prices range from $15 to $40. I plan to hang one on the lilac tree that grows beneath my bedroom window. That way I can combine fragrance and soothing sound and, perhaps, even moderate the continuous gurgling of the waterfall that emanates from the swimming pool next door. Although I have yet to place my order for garden chimes, I thought  that, with the gift-giving season coming soon, it is worth mentioning now.