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An Environmentally Friendly Garden Material.

Elephant Seat, dimensions: 23"L x 21"W x 31"H - Weight: 35 pounds Imagine visiting an outdoor- decor store to purchase a high quality lawn ornament only to discover that the concrete products are uniformly monotonous and dull looking. There are more attractive synthetic versions available but they are unacceptable. A respect for the sustainability of our planet makes one cringe at the thought of buying a garden fixture that resembles clay or concrete but in reality is made from polluting synthetic resins.

There is another choice. One can now choose products made with a material that is in harmony with nature. It’s called CompoClay. This eco-friendly substance is an alternative to common hazardous materials such as petroleum based resins and polyurethane foam.

Kobe Lantern, dimensions: 15.75"L x 15.75"W x 23.75"H. - weight: 43 poundsAfter seven years of research in Hong Kong, an innovative medium has been developed that emulates wood, metal, stone and concrete, without sacrificing safety or durability. Surprisingly, it is made primarily of abundant, naturally occurring land minerals, as well as sand, sea salt, water, safely recycled fly ash - a coal combustion byproduct that would otherwise go into landfill - and lightweight glass fibers for strength. Consequently, this material does not pollute the environment.

Here is a truly green product. VOC-emissions free, it has a low carbon footprint, produces minimal manufacturing waste, has a clean product life, is non-combustible, and is free of fire toxins.

Buddha in Meditation, dimensions 17.75"L x 9.75"W x 28"H - Weight: 36 poundsThe CompoClay company in the USA imports and distributes decorative interior and exterior products made with this material. It is such a versatile medium that the company also offers a custom service for designers requiring original items for their projects. Almost any look or feel is achievable and existing objects and product designs can be easily reproduced. Basic finishes, displayed on their website, include seven ceramic, seven metal, twenty-four wood, four painted, six stone, and seventeen concrete.

Because it is an extremely durable material with superior weather resistance, CompoClay may be used in the garden for sculptures, lanterns, planters and ornaments. It is highly resistant to UV radiation, moisture, free-thawing and thermal shock and is coated with a water-based sealant that preserves its finish and durability.

Sapporo Lantern, dimensions: 16.25"L x 16"W x 41.25" H - Weight: 64 poundsThis material first came to my attention when my daughter sent me a link to an online site selling a  Japanese style garden lantern made from an environmentally friendly substance. I was so intrigued with the concept that I contacted the company for background information. I am pleased to share these details with my readers.

An online store is available at California readers in the Bay Area may visit showrooms in San Francisco and Alameda. Addresses are on the company website at