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Budget Gardening: Protecting an Investment When Times Are Tough. Part 2 - Foundation Plantings

Photo courtesy of Davis Design, Marion, Ma.Flowering and evergreen shrubs that hide unsightly foundations also soften the hard geometry of the contours of a house and blend that building into the land. If, in the future, you choose to add a flower bed, the foundation plantings will supply a lush background that will enhance the appearance of the flowers. When selecting shrubs, don’t be tempted to buy one that you would otherwise consider inappropriate just because it’s on sale. You will never be truly pleased  Select shrubs whose heights will complement rather than overwhelm the building. Make sure that the colors of the foliage and flowers enhance, rather than clash with the exterior of the home. Deciduous shrubs i.e. shrubs that lose their leaves in autumn, are usually less expensive than evergreen shrubs and definitely less expensive than Rhododendrons and Azaleas. Tomorrow’s blog will discuss hedges as fencing.