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My Garden Clients are Colorful Ladies

Last season, I had the pleasure of meeting several potential clients, all of whom shared  the same traits. All were interested in redesigning their gardens. They are inter-related by birth or marriage and, without exception, are extremely devoted to their extended families.These ladies not only carry themselves with grace and dignity but they also treat their tradespeople with warmth and respect.

What I found most interesting about them is their passion for color. One client asked for a vivid pink garden, another for a multicolor garden composed of hot, strong shades. One informed me that white is not a color and white flowers are banished from her garden, while another asked me to remove the Hostas I had planted because green is not a color.

I was certain that I had done my best to please these clients. Sometimes, before falling asleep, I would second-guess myself, and imagine, for just a nano-second, that I had not executed my color mandate to their exacting standards. The very next day, I would return to one of the gardens to fine tune the color story, just to be sure.

I was happy to meet and work with some of the members of this group because it gave me an opportunity to reaffirm my own values regarding dignity and respect. However, what I learned the most from these very gracious ladies is that the more color in our gardens, the more joy in our lives.