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Let "Jack Frost" Light Up the Perennial Shade Garden

Click on the image of Brunnera "Jack Frost" to visit the Kemper Garden Center

I've never been a fan of groundcover in general or Brunnera in particular. I find the texture of its leaves too coarse.Yet, I do like the Brunnera cultivar Jack Frost because its foliage will illuminate a dark spot in the garden. This perennial forms a dense clump that grows into a thick ground cover about one and a half feet tall and wide. While it does sport blue flowers in spring, it is grown primarily for its basal foliage.

The leaves are silvery white, heart shaped, with green veins and a thin green rim around the leaf edge. The foliage remains attractive throughout the growing season. The Kemper Center for Home Gardening is one of the few websites that offers a realistic photo. Most nurseries display an aerial view of the leaves which make them appear much whiter than they are.

Brunnera grows well in zones 3 to 8, in moist, well drained and organically rich earth. It requires part shade and does not tolerate dry soil. Plant this perennial in a dark spot, in the front row of a shade garden and watch it glow.