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New Uses for Old Wood

I delivered a trunk full of wood scraps to the recycle center last week. The Junk Removal Company had quoted a charge of over $100 to pick it up. That was a cruel joke, but they were serious. If it were possible to piece together all of the scraps and, by magic, convert them into a sheet of lumber, I’ll bet I discarded over $30 worth of wood. To pay someone to take that away was preposterous. To send it to a landfill is a shame.

By coincidence, I just received an e-mail from Brian Behncke of the firm 8point8. He too considers it wasteful to dump usable lumber and he has done something about it. To recycle unwanted wood, he has started to make items for the home, using scraps that would have otherwise gone to a landfill. The items are hand made in San Diego and are sold online.

Click on the image for more informationThe slanted wine storage units and wine carriers look really cool.

Click on the image for more information. The herb pot planter makes a perfect hospitality gift, especially if one fills the plants with herbs before presentation.

Brian offered compensation, with an item from his collection, if I would mention his product line in my blog. I declined the gift because; by starting this new business, he is helping to find a second life for natural resources. Caring for the earth is admirable, even when it is commercial. In the end, the planet is made healthier and that is what matters most. Therefore, in honor of Earth Day, I am happy to inform readers about Brian’s new venture.

Eco Friendly Gardening Products made from Reclaimed Wood. Green Gardening, Wooden Pet Feeders, and Wooden Fruit Bowls are Rustic, Repurposed Cedar. Did you know that there isn't a recycling facility in San Diego that allow us to recycle wood with nails in it? Due to the cost of taking the nails out of the wood it goes directly into the landfill. Although it takes a little more time to clean the wood up, we feel this is a small price to pay for keeping large quantities of useable wood out of the landfill. We know there is a more sustainable way to deal with the problem, and that is to repurpose it. We’re 8point8 and we’re committed to diverting wood from the landfill, employing local craftsman and providing unique products to our retail community.