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Why Plant A Sustainable Garden

THis is a view of a sustainable garden at the Agricultural Farm Historic Park in Derwood, Md. Click on the image to learn more.When I banished fungicides and pesticides from my garden, over 10 years ago, I unwittingly put myself on a path to developing a sustainable garden. Of course, back then I didn’t know what a sustainable garden meant. Today, I understand that a sustainable garden is one that needs fewer resources to keep it alive forever. Such a garden reduces the amount of fertilizers and ‘cides essential for healthy growth and increases the outright conservation of resources such as water and manpower.

In some parts of the world, water is too precious to waste on ornamental gardens and lawns. In certain locations, manpower is becoming costly and hard to find. Time for garden maintenance is not always available to those with multiple obligations outside the home. For some, paying a gardening service is costly. For the seasoned gardener, the advance of old age reduces the amount of expendable physical energy available for gardening.

A wide variety of plants are available to create a sustainable garden. These include certain ornamental shrubs, drought resistant perennials, ornamental grasses and even some drought tolerant Allium bulbs. In addition, one should consider plants that are not invasive, that are long lived and that are free of insects and disease. With these plants it is possible to create sustainable landscapes where nature alone is the caregiver. These gardens require less water, less pesticides, less fertilizer and less manpower. Sustainable gardens, by virtue of their stability, will also improve our planet by enriching the quality of animal and beneficial-insect habitats. 

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