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Web Photos That I Like

Slopes test the versatility of landscape designers more than any other kind of terrain. In this brilliant composition, low growing plants are prominent because the tilt of the land towards the walkway allows the viewer to see all of them at the same time. This colorful garden of Heather plants is the work of the very talented west coast landscape designer, Michelle Derviss. Click on the image to read her blog.


A Garden Designer; One of America's Hidden Treasures

Designed and photographed by Michelle DervissIf one were to name prominent garden designers, there’s a good chance most of them would be British or Dutch. They are well known to us because their work has been showcased in magazines and picture books. Not enough people are aware that there are world class garden designers also working on this side of the Atlantic.

The hauntingly beautiful and brilliantly executed garden shown in the photo above surpasses anything we have seen coming out of Europe. This is an example of the many extraordinary accomplishments of Michelle Derviss, a talented landscape designer who works in California. The image is that of a hillside converted into a garden that is both deer and drought tolerant. Notice how the plant compositions are enhanced by the unique perspective that sloped and terraced gardens offer the viewer.

Additional landscapes, designed and sculpted by Ms. Derviss, are extensively archived in her blog as well. After clicking on to that site, it will take the visitor no more than a nano-second to recognise that Michelle is a national treasure. We should be celebrating her genius.