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Musing About a Neighbor Who Mows

Few homeowners in my neighborhood are handy around the house. Less than one quarter of one percent, mow their lawns, themselves. The population consists of hard working professionals and entre- preneurs who do not regard chores around the house as therapeutic or enjoyable. On weekends, they spend quality time with their families, attend houses of worship, or play golf.  That is why it was so remarkable to see one of the neighbors cutting the grass himself.

The neighbor is a first generation Canadian with a European Mediterranean heritage. When I worked in industry, I supervised members of his community for most of my career. I came to admire them for their attitude towards work. They are part of a population of physically strong individuals who do not shun hard labor and whose proud work ethic is incomparable. What is fascinating is that they do not differentiate between work and play. Their bodies are never too tired to do anything and work is as pleasurable as recreation. In that case, one might infer that my neighbor is not working when he cuts the grass.

Last season, I designed a garden for a client from that same demographic group. She lived with her mother who, although she was over 80 years old, still managed to maintain a vegetable garden, by herself, all summer long. I consider that admirable because, where I live, a woman aged 80 gives up her home to move into an assisted living residence. 

I hope that members of my neighbor’s community never lose their work ethic, as they assimilate into the culture of North America. They set a standard that most of us can only dream of attaining. By the way, I forgot to mention one detail. In spite of the fact that most of my neighborhood are "comfortable",  no one considers himself or herself that blessed that they can afford to drive a Porsche. The neighbor who mows the lawn by himself keeps one tucked away in his garage and drives it on weekends.