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The Power of Pink Perennials: Dianthus 'Bouquet Rose'

No matter what our favorite color might be, most of us are drawn to vivid pink flowers. Even though I prefer the color blue, when I visit the nurseries I gravitate towards any pink perennial that is in bloom. I cannot explain this phenomenon.

It is not surprising, therefore, that I purchased still another pink perennial for my test garden. This one is called Dianthus barbatus Bouquet Rose. I used to think that the barbatus Dianthus were biennials but there is no mention of this fact in any of my research on Bouquet Rose. If it is indeed a perennial, then my clients and I will be very pleased.

While one plant is growing in my test garden, I have placed another in a client’s garden at the edge of a swimming pool. The white paving stones that surround the pool create a perfect backdrop for the pink color while the round shape of the plant works well with the other plants in the garden that were specifically selected for their architectural shapes.

What makes Bouquet Rose an interesting plant is the fact that it grows 18 inches high in the shape of a generous flower bouquet while each flower in that bouquet blooms in a different shade of pink. The base of this bouquet measures between 10 and 14 inches wide making this a very neat perennial. But the best reason to add this plant to one’s collection, if it can be found, is the fact that it blooms from June until September.

This fragrant perennial will grow in sun to part shade in well drained dry soil and will survive winters up to Zone 4. When force-grown commercially for its cut flowers, this plant will produce stems up to 36 inches in height. While I was unable to locate any on-line nurseries that offer this plant, readers living in southern Quebec can find this plant at “Jardins Michel Corbeil” in Sainte Eustache.