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Hydrangeas are Flowering Shrubs That Work

Hydrangea Pinky Winky is a trademarked product of the "Proven Winners" brand.Try to imagine a flowering shrub on steroids. There is no other way to describe Hydrangea Pinky Winky.The flowers on this plant are the largest ever seen on a hydrangea bush and its coloration will add a few beats to your heart rate.This shrub blooms from midsummer until frost and its flowers cover the plant completely. Strong upright red stems support two-toned white and pink, conical shaped flowers that don’t droop.These massive flower heads measure between 12 to 16 inches in length and continue to grow all season long. As the older flowers at the bottom of the cone turn dark pink [almost wine], the new flowers at the tip emerge white.

The plant is described as a bi-color hydrangea, but from afar, it seems like a tri-color plant because the flowers appear to  change from white to light pink and then to dark pink.This shrub will grow to 7 or 8 feet tall in full sun or part shade and is adaptable to all types of soil. It will even tolerate drought. In some markets, this shrub is offered as a tree standard that makes an awesome garden specimen. Planting three or five of these flowering standards in a row will give any garden a “wow” factor that one must see to believe.

I first noticed this plant as a tree standard. It was used to landscape the entrance to a luxurious condominium. Five standards were planted in a row on each side of the walkway leading to the front door. The visual effect in August was stunning. Since then, I have incorporated both the tree and the shrub varieties in my design projects with great success.

This amazing plant is offered to the market by the innovative and adventurous growers at ”Proven Winners” who make it so easy for us to beautify our gardens.