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This Perennial is Not a Clump of Grass

Armeria maritima is a short cute little plant that grows 6 to 12 inches in height and width in full sun and in dry well-drained soil. It is hardy in zones 4 through 8 and blooms on miniature lollipop sticks in shades of  rose, pink, lilac, red and white. This plant tolerates drought rather well and is adaptable to wide varieties of garden conditions including rock gardens and swimming pool areas. If you are using salt water in your pool, this plant is ideal because it is salt tolerant.

Smaller seedling clumps of Armeria should be planted at the front of the flower border or along a path where they can be seen up close to be admired. From a distance, the clump would have to be mature and wide to be noticed in the flower bed. It is a much appreciated plant because it begins flowering in April and May when few perennials are in bloom.

When not in bloom, Armeria can be mistaken for grass and might be dug up and removed in error. That is why it is recommended to allow clumps of Armeria to thicken out over time and to resist dividing the plant even though that would be beneficial. A mature clump in an almost circular shape with a vivid dark green color is a sure sign that this is not a stray seedling of grass.

This is another easy care plant with a qualification. Dividing every few years and deadheading throughout the growing season will encourage prolonged flowering.