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Reblooming Hemerocallis

This is Hemerocallis Stella Supreme a day lily that is considered more floriferous than its cousin the yellow day lily Happy ReturnsMost day lilies bloom for a short while and frustrate gardeners who prefer to admire flowers for longer periods. As a result, breeders have been encouraged to develop day lilies with extended blooming time. A reblooming day lily may bloom with a flush of flowers in early summer, may take a rest and then rebloom again with another, but less intense, flush in August or September. Some reblooming day lilies will flower for several months.

This classification of day lily tends to be short in height and is more compact than other classifications of day lilies. Its flowers are also smaller and its foliage slender. The result is a neater look in the garden. Because many do not grow taller than 18 inches, day lilies in this category usually look best at the front of a border.

To achieve maximum flower output, reblooming day lilies should be deadheaded regularly and spent stems should be cut down as quickly as possible to encourage regrowth. Some cultivars of reblooming day lilies include Stella D’oro, Black Eyed Stella, Stella Supreme, Rosy Returns, Pardon Me, Ruby Stella, Purple D’oro, Apricot Sparkles, Happy Returns, and Joan Senior. Some nurseries may have inventory for immediate planting and online suppliers are taking orders now for fall planting.

New varieties of reblooming day lilies are under development but take several years to reach commercial viability. But of course, if you are a passionate perennial gardener who can hardly wait for plants to bloom, you already understand the meaning of patience.